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The Jenny Karezi Foundation offices

The Jenny Karezi Foundation is a Cancer Pain Relief and Palliative Care organization, founded in 1992 in memory of the great Greek actress Jenny Karezi.

It is a non-profit making organization, supported solely by donations of the people.


Jenny Karezi was a famous Greek theater and cinema actress. She played many exceptional leading roles on the stage and in films. She died in Athens on 26 July 1992.

Jenny Karezi - herself a cancer sufferer - greatly admired the new branch of medical science for the cancer pain relief and palliative care and the work of the specialised doctors who helped her relieving her pain.

She asked those close to her, to make it widely-known and assist the development of this branch of medicine, in every possible way, so that other felloe sufferers could be freed from the agony of cancer and be able to live through their last days with dignity.

Once she had "gone", her wish became an action guide for those who founded this institution after her name.

Board of Directors


The foundation is located at: Korinthias 27 Abelokipi 11526 Athens Tel.: 7717359, 7486459, Fax: 7488437

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