Joasaph II of Constantinople

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Joasaph II called "the Magnificent", was Patriarch of Constantinople from 1556 until 1565.

Joasaph was born in Krapsi, Epirus. He studied in Ioannina and later in Nafplion. He was ordained Metropolitan of Adrianople in 1535, remaining in that See for the next twenty years. He succeeded Dionysius II as Patriarch of Constantinople when the latter was murdered in July 1556.

Joasaph concerned himself with the finances of the church, schools and education, monasteries and even the Protestant Reformation, sending an observer to Wurttemburg to find out more about the movement. In January, 1565, Joasaph was removed from office after a series of accusations to the High Porte by his enemies. The Holy Synod later exhonorated him of all charges and allowed him to continue as Metropolitan of Adrianople until his death