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Sparta was the dominant Greek city-state in the Peloponnesus. It was unusual among Greek city-states in that it maintained its Kingship past the Archaic age. It was even more unusual in that it had two kings simultaneously, coming from two separate lines. According to tradition, the two lines (the Agiads and Eurypontids) descended from the twins Eurysthenes (the Agiads) and Procles the descendants of Heracles who supposedly conquered Sparta two generations after the Trojan War.

Spartan kings had only limited powers: they were members of the Gerousia (the Spartan Senate), the led the army in times of war, they were allocated a larger share of the booty after a battle and led their fellow citizens in religious celebrations.

Although there are lists of the earlier purported Kings of Sparta, there is little evidence for the existence of any kings before the mid 6th Century BC or so.

Agiad dynasty

Eurypontid dynasty

Following Cleomenes III's defeat at the Battle of Sellasia by Antigonus III Doson of Macedon and the Achaean League, the Spartan system began to break down.Sparta was republic from 221 to 219 BC

The Achaean League annexed Sparta in 192 BC.

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