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Pleistoanax (Greek Πλειστοάναξ) (reigned 458 BC409 BC) was an Agiad King of Sparta. He was most anxious for Peace during the Archidamian War, the first phase of the Peloponnesian War. He was exiled in 446 BC, charged by the Spartans with taking a bribe to withdraw from the plain of Eleusis in Attica after leading the Peloponnesian forces there. In 428 BC, he was recalled and restored in obedience to the Delphic oracle's advice. His enemies still blamed him for Spartan disasters, so Pleistoanax advocated peace to bring an end to the disasters. In 421 BC, he signed with Athenian general Nikias, the 50-year peace treaty known as "The Treaty of Nikias". It would be violated within 5 years by the Athenians and the Peloponnesian War would resume.

Preceded by:
Agiad King of Sparta
458-409 BC
Succeeded by: