Kostas Hatzis

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Kostas Hatzis is a Greek Roma singer.

Hatzis was born on August 13, 1936, in Livadeia, Boeotia. He is the grandson of a popular clarinette player and the son of a sandouri player.

Hatzis moved to Athens in 1957 and started recording in 1961 though he did not become popular until the mid-1960s with the Neo Kyma movement in Greek music. At that time his songs "Θάλασσα Πλατειά" (Wide sea) and "Το Μουράγιο στο Λιμάνι" (The mole in the harbour) established him to the wider Greek public.

Hatzis has since sang about love as well as social issues. He has sung duets with well known singers such as Marinella.

Kostas Hatzis is the father of young singer Alexandros Hatzis.