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Lake Pamvotis, sometimes rendered as Pambotis or Pamvotida, also known as Ioannina Lake (Greek: Limni Ioanninon (Λίμνη Ιωαννίνων) is Epirus' largest lake located near the central part of the Ioannina prefecture in Greece. It is located east of the city of Ioannina in which its urban area is to the west, the town or Perama to the north, the rest are surrounded by farmlands. The lake features fishing ports and a boating port with the island in the east of the lake. The mountains lies further north and south. The GR-6 surrounds the northern half of the lake. The lake features a small island located at the east end of the lake.


  • Air Sea Lines uses hydroplanes, which fly to Corfu.
  • The pollution is ruining the habitats of the animals which live in the lake. Eutrophication is the main problem as in the summer blue green algae is quite common.
  • Ioannina is located on the west coast of the lake.
  • It is home to an island where Ali Pasha lived and was beheaded.
  • It is known as the lake where Kyra Frosini was drowned.
  • There was a hit song by Giorgos Dalaras about the lake and Kyra Frosini's execution

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