Louis Tsatoumas

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Louis Tsatoumas (Greek Λούης Τσάτουμας - pronounced TSA-too-mass) is a Greek long jump athlete.

Tsatoumas was born on February 12, 1982 in Messene, Peloponnese. He holds the Greek record in the long jump with a 8.66m performance on June 2, 2007, in Kalamata. At that time, it was the best performance of the year worldwide. The previous Greek record of 8.36m had been held since 1994 by Kostas Koukodimos.

Prior to his record-breaking performance, Tsatoumas had won a silver medal at the Birmingham European indoor championship (March 2007) and a bronze at the Stuttgart World Athletics final (September 2006).

Since then, he has won gold at the 2013 Mediterranean Games of Mersin, Turkey (8.14m).

Tsatoumas is an athlete of Olympiakos and trains under Dimitris Vasilikos.