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MEGA Channel (or simply MEGA) is a private Greek television network, broadcasting throughout Greece, that is based in Athens.

MEGA is the first privately-owned television network that is still in operation in Greece. It began broadcasting on November 20, 1989. It is owned by Teletypos SA.

MEGA's programming consists mainly of Greek programmes such as comedies, dramas, news, current affairs and entertainment shows. In recent years, MEGA Channel has overtaken its main rival, ANT1, as the most popular channel in Greece, largely due to hit shows like "50-50", "Sto Para Pente" and "Savvatogennimenes".

Worldwide, MEGA broadcasts via satellite through MEGA Cosmos to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand where large Greek communities exist

MEGA Channel studios are located on Mesogeion Avenue in Athens. Previously, they were located in the town of Paiania, Attica prefecture.

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