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Manolis Angelopoulos was a Greek Roma (Gypsy) singer of Laiko music.

Angelopoulos was born in Agios Athanasios, Drama prefecture on April 8, 1939. Having been discovered quite by accident (singing while he was working), he first recorded a song in 1957. He gained popularity during the 1960s singing about Asia Minor refugees, unrequited love, exotic places and his own love affair with Annoula Vasiliou, who became his wife.

Angelopoulos toured the USA during the 1970s with great success. He died on April 2, 1989 in London.

His songs

  • Αγαπάω την Αννούλα - I love Annoula
  • Αχ Μουσταφά - Oh, Mustafa
  • Γεια σας όλοι Μικρασιάτες - Hello to those from Asia Minor
  • Έχεις άνδρα μάλαμα - You have a Husband as good as Gold
  • Η γκρινιάρα - The nagging Wife
  • Η γυναίκα μου η μουρμούρα - My Wife who constantly complains
  • Μανταλένα - Mandalena
  • Ο πρόσφυγας - The Refugee
  • Όσο αξίζεις εσύ - As much as you are worth
  • Όταν κοιμάται ο δυστυχής - When the poor man sleeps
  • Ρίξτε στο γυαλί φαρμάκι - Throw some poison in my glass
  • Στα βουνά δεν παν' οι πόνοι - Pain doesn't go to the Mountains
  • Τα μαύρα μάτια σου - Your dark Eyes
  • Φαρίντα - Farinda