Markantonio Bulgaris

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Marcantonio Bulgaris (Greek: Μαρκος - Αντωνιος Μπουλγαρις) was a Russian Diplomat of Greek descent.

Marcantonio was born in Corfu, on June 13th, 1787. He was a son of Nikolaos Bulgaris (Russian Inspector In Corfu 1799) and Eufrosini Kalogeras.

When Ioannis Kapodistrias became the head of the Greek Government, Marcantonio Bulgaris was serving as Russian Ambassador to Madrid. That year, he was appointed Ambassador to Greece by the Tsar and he settled in Greece.

Bulgari, while Ambassador, worked very hard to persuade other Governments to recognize Greece as an independent country.

He died in St Petersburg on October 29th, 1829 at the age of 42.