Nicky Yakovlev

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Nicky Yakovlev (born in Jalta, 1910) was a composer of Greek elafro songs which were mostly sung by his wife, Mary Lo.

He also owned the patisserie "Petrograd" on Stadiou Street in which his wife would often work. Among his credits are songs such as:

  • Έτσι λένε, λένε - That's what they say
  • Θα' ρθούν τα χελιδόνια - The swallows will return
  • Καλή αντάμωση ματάκια καστανά - Au revoir, brown eyes
  • Καροτσέρη τράβα - Go, carriage driver!
  • Καϋμένο Κολωνάκι - Poor Kolonaki
  • Στο μικρό μας το καλύβι - In our little house
  • Τι τριάντα τι σαράντα τι πενήντα - What's 30, 40 or 50?

Yakovlev died in Athens on October 9, 1981.