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1993 Greek Cup Winners
1995 Euroleague 3rd place

Nikos Economou (alternatively Ekonomou or Oikonomou, born February 19, 1973, 2.06 m) is a retired Greek professional basketball player.

Economou was a power-forward, who has played for many teams in his career. He was a member of Panathinaikos BC winning with them the Euroleague in 1996. He then played, in 1999, for Virtus Bologna and, a year later, for Olympiakos BC. In 2001, he transferred to FC Barcelona Bàsquet. He returned to Greece with Olympia Larisa BC only to leave for Russia and MBC Dynamo Moscow.

Economou later played for Panionios BC and his last team was Panellinios. While at Panionios (2004-05), he was the league's leading scorer.

Economou has been a longtime member of the National Basketball Team of Greece. He was capped 109 times, scoring 1156 points in those games.

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