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The A1 Division is the top Basketball League in Greece.


Basketball championships in Greece started in the 1928 season under the guidance of SEGAS. The League back then was called "Panhellenic Championship of Men's Basketball". Until the 1964 season, the championship was held in two stages: first the teams would compete in their respective local leagues and afterwards the winners would vie for the national title.

Starting in 1964, a national league was formed with relegations into the lower divisions for the last club and promotions for the winners of the lower divisions. The league was known as "National Division Championship".

In 1969 the Hellenic Basketball Association replaced SEGAS as the organising federation. In 1974, the Second Division is established with two groups which became four in 1985.

By 1987 the championship was renamed Men's A1 Division and at the same time the A2 Division was established.

In 1993, the union of professional clubs ESAKE replaced the Hellenic Basketball Association as the organising authority of the league which then was renamed into "Men's Professional Championship A1".

A1 Teams - 2018-2019


Panhellenic Championship of Men's Basketball

National Division Championship

Men's A1 Division

Men's Professional Championship A1