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A.O. Kolossos Rhodes aka Colossus Rhodes is a Greek basketball team based in Rhodes, Greece. Kolossos currently plays in the first Greek League of professional basketball the A1 Ethniki. The club was founded in 1963 and initially also featured sports like volleyball and Judo. Today, the focus of the Greek athletic club is on the franchise's basketball department.


Due to geographical isolation and very small financial abilities for most of the club's history the basketball team was not able to compete at a high level.


In 2000, the fate of the team changed when Kostas Kostaridis took over the reins of the team. Kostaridis changed almost the entire club management and stated that it was the goal of the team to rise from the Greek B League to the A2 League.

In 2003, coach Vasilis Frangias joined the team and the ascent to the A2 Division commenced. In the 2005 season, Kolossos won the championship of the A2 and was promoted to the A1 Division, the highest professional basketball league in Greece.


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