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SEGAS (Greek Σύνδεσμος Ελληνικών Γυμναστικών και Αθλητικών Σωματείων - Union of Greek Gymnastic and Athletics Clubs) is a Greek federation of over 500 clubs which was founded in 1897.

Its foundation came about by the need to organise the many athletics clubs which had sprung up in Greece prior and during the 1896 Olympic Games. At a conference in Athens that ran from January 12 until January 15, 1897, 28 athletic clubs decided to form such a union and their decision was published by the government on February 27 of that same year.

SEGAS organised the Balkan Games of 1928 and initiated the Mediterranean Games. It has organised two European Athletics Championships (1969 and 1982), the indoor athletic championships of 1985, the Mediterranean Games of 1991, the World Marathon Cup of 1995 and many Balkan Games.

SEGAS has at one time or another also been the federation of football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, boxing and other clubs which have since moved on to form independent organisations.

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