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Omonia Square or Omonoia Square (Greek: Πλατεία Ομονοίας Plateia Omonoias or Platia Omonias) is a square in central Athens. It is serviced by a train station used by the Athens Metro and the Ilektrikos: Omonia Station.

Omonia Square was planned in 1833 by architects Kleanthis and Schaubert. As the palace was planned further south at Syntagma Square, the latter became the largest and most important square in Athens.

Omonia Square was originally circular in shape. The circle was bordered by Tritis Septemvriou in the north (entrance/exit), Panepistimiou (former exit), Agiou Konstantinou in the west (formerly entrance/exit, now exit), Panagi Tsaldari which accesses with Piraios (entrance/exit, now exit), Athinas (entrance/exit) in the south (now a walkway) and Stadiou in the southeast (exit) once continued the circle.

In the 1960s a fountain was built at the centre of the square.

Many renovations have taken place in Omonia Square, the last one being prior to the 2004 Olympic Games. The square was then rendered...square with traffic conditions becoming easier than before.

Omonia Square is traditionally a place where Athenian sports fans celebrate their clubs' victories.

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