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Pano Polemidia (Greek: Πάνω Πολεμίδια), is a community in Lemesos province, Cyprus.

Pano Polemidia is situated 6km NW of the city of Limassol. Its name is said to be derived from the tree known locally as "πολεμιδκιά".

Pano Polemidia was first mentioned separately from Kato Polemidia in the census of 1901. Prior to 1974, it was an unmixed Turkish-Cypriot village, however, its entire Turkish population left for the north after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. They were replaced by an influx of Greek Cypriot refugees from the north. The village had to be renovated to accomodate them and new buildings were put up, on government-owned land, swelling its population to 3,561 inhabitants by 1982.

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