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Paphos, (Greek: Πάφος, Páfos) is a coastal town in the south-west of Cyprus. Paphos is the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, sex and beauty. In Greco-Roman times it was the island's capital, and it is famous for the remains of the Roman Governor's palace where extensive, fine mosaics are a major tourist attraction. Another famous archaeological site is the Tombs of the Kings. The Apostle Paul visited the town during the 1st century and converted the Roman Governor to Christianity.

Modern Paphos has grown from a small settlement and is now a large town based on light industry and the thriving tourist trade. The coastal areas have been developed for visitors on holiday, with numerous large and small hotels and apartments. There is a small harbour and an upper town slightly to the north where the larger shops, offices and town administration are based. A modern international airport was built here in 1983. Paphos is divided into the lower (Kato Paphos) and upper city (Ktima).

Rauf Denktash, the long-serving leader of the Turkish Cypriot community of Cyprus, was born here.

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