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Paralimni is a town situated in the South East of Cyprus, a little way inland, within the Ammochostos province. Since the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus, it has increased in size and status, due to the migration of many refugees fleeing from the Famagusta and other towns in the north. Many of the people who work in the tourist industry in Protaras and Agia Napa live in Paralimni, which is the now temporary administrative centre of the Ammochostos province.

Paralimni caters to locals and tourists in the surrounding resorts, with diverse restaurants and local-variety shops but architecturally, Paralimni is nondescript, little if anything remaining of the original village. Outside of the town centre the houses are not very attractive, little more than squat rectangular blocks. This is more than compensated for by their very attractive gardens, especially when the trees are in blossom or fruit.

The countryside surrounding Paralimni has rich red soil and is famous for its picturesque windmills - used to draw water from underground aquifers to irrigate the surrounding land. Sadly, many of these are now derelict having been replaced by electric or diesel-powered pumps. Before the rise of tourism, the rich agricultural land surrounding Paralimni was the source of Paralimni's wealth, and is still of great importance.