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Paroikia is a settlement on the island of Paros, in the Cyclades complex of Greece. It is Paros' largest town and serves as its capital.

It is situated on a bay on the north-west side of the island, occupying the site of the ancient capital Paros. Its harbour admits small vessels; the entrance is dangerous on account of rocks. Houses built in the Italian style with terraced roofs, shadowed by luxuriant vines, and surrounded by gardens of oranges and pomegranates, give to the town a picturesque and pleasing aspect. Here on a rock beside the sea are the remains of a medieval castle built almost entirely of ancient marble remains. Similar traces of antiquity in the shape of bas-reliefs, inscriptions, columns, &c,, are numerous in the town, and on a terrace to the south of it is a precinct of Asclepius. In the main square of Paroikia is the town's main church of Ekatontapiliani, founded by the mother of the emperor Constantine of Constantinople (Byzantium), Saint Helen, on a stop of her pilgrimage to the Holy Land; there are two adjoining churches, one of very early form, and also a baptistery with a cruciform font.