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Polyxena was known to be a beautiful Trojan princess from Greek mythology. She is the youngest daughter of King Priam of Troy and his queen, Hecuba.

Polyxena is not in Homer's Iliad, appearing in works by later poets, perhaps to add romance to Homer's austere tale.

An oracle prophesied that Troy would not be defeated if her brother, Prince Troilius, reached the age of twenty. During the Trojan War, Polyxena and Troilius were ambushed and Troilius was killed by the Greek warrior Achilles, who later fell in love with Polyxena. According to some stories, Achilles was killed when visiting her during a truce; others claimed she committed suicide after Achilles' death; and still others tell that Achilles' son, Neoptolemus, sacrificed Polyxena at Achilles' tomb. Her story is told in Hecuba and mentioned in The Trojan Women, both authored by Euripides.

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