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Pythagoras Papastamatiou, better known solely with his given name, was a Greek lyricist of laika songs.

Pythagoras was born in 1930 in Agrinio, Central Greece to parents from Asia Minor who originally hailed from the island of Samos. His studies were interrupted by World War II and the German occupation of 1941 - 1944. He completed them after the war and, in 1949, moved to Athens where he studied in the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory under theatrical director Dimitris Rondiris. After working briefly in the theatre, Pythagoras concentrated on writing lyrics for songs.

Among his better known songs are:

  • Ο Σταμούλης ο λοχίας (Sergeant Stamoulis)
  • Όταν πίνει μια γυναίκα (When a woman drinks)
  • Πίσω από τις καλαμιές (Behind the bushes)
  • Κυρά-Γιώργαινα (Kyra-Yorgena)
  • Στα βράχια της Πειραϊκής (On the rocks of Piraiki)
  • Νύχτα στάσου (Night, pause!)
  • Ο επιπόλαιος
  • Μικρά Ασία (Asia Minor - album)
  • Υπάρχω (I exist)

Pythagoras died unexpectedly on November 12, 1979.