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Rhodope (Greek: Ροδόπη, Rodopi) is one of the fifty-one prefectures of Greece. It is within the East Macedonia and Thrace periphery and in central Thrace. The Papingio mountains cover the northern part which is part of the Rhodope mountains in which the prefecture is named after. The prefecture is bounded with Xanthi to the west, the Evros prefecture to the east and Bulgaria with the Kurdzhali Province to the north. The mountains covers the north and most of the east. The rest of the land are mainly farmlands including forests and grasslands.

The capital of the prefecture is the city of Komotini. The second largest city is Sapes.

The greatest part of the only officially recognized religious minority in Greece, the Greek Muslim minority, is settled in this area. There has been considerable discourse between Greece and Turkey concerning the issue of whether the minority is a religious or an ethnic one. The Greek state recognizes this group as a religious minority of Greek Muslims, whereas the Turkish state regards them as Turkish Muslims.


The areas that mainly get Mediterranean climate is at the southern and the central portion. Its climate is mainly continental with cold winters in higher elevations and the northern part.




Municipality YPES code Seat Postal code Area code ((0)30-)
Aigirios/Egirou 4501 Aigiros 691 00 25310-9
Arriana 4503 Arriana 693 00 25320-3
Fyllira 4512 Fyllira 691 00 25320-4
Iasmos 4504 Iasmos 692 00 25340-2
Komotini 4506 Komotini 691 00 25310-2
Maronia 4507 Xylagani 694 00 25330-2
Neo Sidirochorio 4508 Neo Sidirochori 691 00 25310-5
Sapes 4510 Sapes 693 00 23520-2
Sostis 4511 Sostis 692 00 25310-5


Commune YPES code Seat Postal code Area code ((0)30-)
Amaxades 4502 Amaxades 692 00 25340-3
Kechro 4505 Kechro 693 00 23510-3
Organi 4509 Organi 695 00 25310-3

Capes and points