Skala (Patmos)

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Skala is a village on the island of Patmos, Greece. It is the largest village and main port of Patmos situated towards the centre of the island.

Skala is made of up 4 areas. Netia, the new port area, stretches along the main road towards Kambos. This marina was built in the mid-1990s due to the couple of boom years the island had in relation to cruises and yacht visits. However, that soon fell off, and Netia is now made up of a large, concrete marina which the few yachts share with the larger local fishing boats and a small boatyard. The opposite side of the road backs onto a mountain, which was blasted to give buildings space to develop. These include a dive centre and several restaurants. The turn from the beachfront road toward Netia is the site of John the Evangelist's baptismal font. These businesses have struggled to get off the ground, although the introduction of a small supermarket and a laundry have made this area slightly more attractive to holidaymakers.