Solomos Spirou Solomou

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Solomos Spirou Solomou
Solomos Spirou Solomou, moments before being shot, in front of observing UN forces.

Solomos Spirou Solomou, born 1970 in Paralimni, Cyprus, entered the history books on Wednesday, August 14, 1996 when he climbed on the flagpole, in the neutral zone at Derynia, Cyprus, to lower the raised Turkish flag. He was shot immediately by Turkish troops. According to the Associated Press: "Turkish troops on Wednesday killed a Greek Cypriot demonstrator and wounded 11 other people in the second fatal clash this week in the buffer zone of this war-divided island nation." [1]

Earlier in the day, Solomou had attended the funeral of his cousin, Tasos Isaak, who had been clubbed to death by Turkish troops in the neutral zone on August 11.