Stratos Perperoglou

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Perperoglou playing for Panathinaikos in 2008

Stratos Perperoglou is a Greek basketball player.

Perperoglou was born in Drama, eastern Macedonia, Greece, on August 7, 1984. He started his basketball career at AC Kavala. Owing to the fact that his father was in the military, Perperoglou moved about quite a bit in his youth and found himself next in Rhodes playing for Iviskos BC.

At age 16, he moved to Athens and Ilisiakos BC. He stayed there four years before transferring to Panionios in 2004. After two slow seasons, Perperoglou came into his own in 2006-2007. The following year he moved to Panathinaikos.

Perperoglou has played for the Greek NT on all youth levels. At senior level Perperoglou was capped 68 times so far, scoring 344 points.

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