Tegopoulos X.K. Publishing S.A.

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Tegopoulos X.K. Publishing S.A. was founded by Christos and Thanassis Tegopoulos, and is a company who's principal activities are the publication of newspapers and magazines and the sale of advertising space within those publications.

The company also undertakes printing projects for third parties and offers consumers various special deals on multiple commodities.

Ticker: TEGO
Exchanges: ATH
2005 Sales: 109,481,399
Currency: Euro
Fiscal Year Ends: December
Share Type: Kini Metohi (common stock)
Country: Greece
Major Industry: Miscellaneous
Sub Industry: Miscellaneous Companies
Employees: 1,164
Market Capitalization: 90,549,072
Total Shares Outstanding: 54,547,634
Closely Held Shares: N/A