Tellos Agras (poet)

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Tellos Agras, identification card

Tellos Agras was a Greek poet of the first half of the 20th Century.

Agras was born Evangelos Ioannou in Kalambaka, Thessaly, in 1899. He studied Law at the University of Athens but never practiced it, instead working first at the Ministry of Agriculture and later at the National Library and the Ministry of the Press and Tourism.

Agras became interested in poetry at a young age and contributed to several literary magazines of his time period adopting the name "Tellos Agras" after Kapetan Tellos Agras who fought during the Macedonian Struggle in 1907. His poetry was influenced to a degree by Greek-French poet Jean Moreas. He left two collections of poetry the "Bucolics" and the "Dailies".

Agras was honoured by the Greek State in 1940. He was cut down by a stray bullet on November 12, 1944 and died.