Thanos Livaditis

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Thanos Livaditis

Born in 1934 in Lamia and son of Alekos Livaditis, he was introduced to the wider public by the television show Oi Dikaioi (Oι Δίκαιοι - The Just). Thanos (Athanasios) Livaditis (Leivaditis) always played the "good guy" in Greek cinema, while his close professional collaboration with Mema Stathopoulou will always be remembered. Livaditis’ 20-year career was also spent in theatre stages, performing different roles of a wide variety of authors such as Lorca, Pirandello and Shakespeare, to Sophocles and Euripides.

He died on September 1, 2005, at the age of 71, at the Athens General Clinic, where he was hospitalised.

Some of his most memorable movies include:

  • Tesseris nifes ki enas gambros / Τέσσερις νύφες κι ένας γαμπρός
  • Kardies stin kategida / Καρδιές στην καταιγίδα
  • Gia ligi storgi / Για λίγη στοργή
  • Afise me na ziso /Αφησέ με να ζήσω
  • Angeloi tis Amartias / Αγγελοι της αμαρτίας
  • Kathe navagio kai mia kolasi / Κάθε ναυάγιο και μια κόλαση»