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Track7 is a company established in Athens, Greece in 2002. It operates in various sectors via its subsidiaries. More specifically it works in the bussiness of music, video games, photography and graphics, artist management, installation art, musical and artistic events coordination via its Track7Artspace Art Gallery near Patsi Street in Athens and finally merchandising.

It became well known by its upcoming adventure game Theseis, to be released on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms through Track7 Games and also by its music company named Track7 Music having signed major names in the Greek music industry.


Track7's current subsidiaries are:

  • Track7 Games
  • Track7 Music
  • Track7 Pictures
  • Track7 Productions
  • Track7 Studio
  • Track7 Ware
  • Track7 Cafe
  • Track7 Art

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