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Anna Verouli

Anna Verouli's victory dance at the 1982 European Championships

Anna Verouli (born November 13, 1956 in Kavala) is a retired Greek javelin thrower. She started her career in athletics at age 14 and won the gold medal at the 1982 European Championships in Athens (the first ever gold medal for Greece) and a bronze medal at the 1983 World Championships in Athletics.

Verouli tested positive for nandrolone at the 1984 Summer Olympics and was banned from the competition.

Verouli won a total of 118 gold medals for victories in various competitions.

She retired from athletics in 1993 and has since, entered local politics, amongst others serving on the City Council of Athens suburb Iraklio.

She was married from 1984 to 1988 to weightlifter Ioannis Tsintsaris.

The city of Kavala honoured Verouli by naming the second largest stadium after her. The pitch is also known as “Veroulio”.

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