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Prefecture: Magnesia prefecture
Province: Northern Sporades

39.118/39°7'9" N lat.
23.7215/23°43'19" E long
Dwellings: -
Population: (2001)
 - Total
 - Density¹
 - Rank



Aegean Sea
37 m(centre)
680 m
Number of communities: -
Postal code: 370 03
Area/distance code: 11-30-24240 (030-24240)-2
Municipal code: 3723
Car designation: HA
3-letter abbreviation: SKP Skopelos

Skopelos (Greek: Σκόπελος) is an island, a province which is better known as the Northern Sporades and a municipality in the central part of the Sporades and the northeastern part of the island. The port of Skiathos which is located in the northeastern part near the centre of Skiathos serves the cities of Volos, Skiathos and Alonissos. The island is shaped from southeast to northwest, the length is from northwest to southeast and the width is from southwest to northeast. The nearest islands are Skiathos to the west and Alonissos to the east. It is located east of mainland Greece and Magnesia and northeast of Euboea. The place was known as Peparethos. In 342 BC, the island was attacked by Philip II of Macedon. The area is also known as Chora.

Skopelos has one main road which leads to three villages in the western part of the island.

Communities and subdivisions


The geography of Skopelos includes a mountaintop to the northwest and bushy and rocky hills around Skopelos. Most of the villages are to the west. Agriculture is also common, mainly mixed farming and vineyards, the main products are wine and plums. Fishing is also common on the island. Tourism is, however, the main industry. The municipality is encircled by the Aegean Sea.

Historical population

Year Population Change Island population Change
1981 2,728 - - -
1991 2,603 -126/4.62% 4,658
2002 - - 4,700 -

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