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This is an alphabetical list by town of dialing codes in Greece. Before July 2001, none of the area codes ended with zero. Changes were made in November 2002, shortage of phone numbers result in removing the zero and exchange for a two. All codes now start with two but still end with zero.

The country calling code of Greece is 30. The international call prefix depends on the country you are calling from, e.g. 00 for most European countries, and 011 from North America.

The area codes are those without the final zero thus Athens area code is 21. The local numbers starting with 0 are reserved for OTE, thus 210 is a number belonging to OTE in Athens. Nevertheless under those area codes and especially in the big cities, numbers starting with other digits except zero do exist. For example in Athens there are numbers which start with 211 and 212 and belong to private telephone companies. Furthermore, with number portability, a number can start with 210 but may be transferred to another company except OTE.

Location Code
Aghia Vassilios (of Patras) 2610
Aghio Dimitri and Kentro 26220
Aghios Dimitrios and Daphni 210
Aghios Georgios, North Pyrgos 26230
Aigion or Aegion 26910
Alexandroupolis 25510
Almyros 24220
Amalias/Amaliada 26220
Andravida 26230
Athens 210
Bochali 26950
Chavari and Aghios Ioannis (Amalias) 26220
Corinth 27410
Dounaiika, west Amalias area 26220
Drama 25210
Drapetsona 210
Eleusis and Aspropyrgos 210
Elliniko 210
Evandros 2710
Gastouni 26220
Geraki (Amalias) and Peristeri (Amalias) and West Pholoe 26220
Glyfada 210
Heraclion 2810
Ioannina 2610
Kaisariani 210
Kalamata 27210
Kardamas, Marathia and Palouki 26220
Katakolo 26210
Kavala 2510
Kavasilas and Kardiakafti 26220
Kechres or Cenchreae-Acrocorinth 27410
Keratsini 210
Kozani 24610
Krestena 26250
Krini 2610
Kyllini and Kato Panagia 26230
Lambeia and Divri 26240
Larissa 2410
Lechaeum and Velon 27410
Lechaina 26230
Longos-Seliamantika 06910
Loutra Elenis-Isthmia 27410
Maroussi 210
Moschaton and Tauros 2610
Myrsini (Elia) 26230
Naxos 22850
Nea Anchialos (Magnesia) 24280
Neochori (Kyllini) 26230
New Erythraea 210
Olympia 26240
Ovrya and Krini 2610
Panopoulo 26240
Paralia and Roitika 2610
Patras, Zarchouleika, the city and the eastern suburbs 2610
Perama (Athens) and Nikaia 210
Peristeri (Athens) 210
Phaleron (Faliro) 210
Pholoe East 26240
Piraeus 210
Pyrgos (Elia) and Area 26210
Rhion and Northeastern Rhion 2610
Rhodes (city) 22410
Rhodes/Archaggelos 22440
Rhodes/Empona 22460
Roupaki and Elis 26220
Salamis (Salamina) and the island 210
Salonika 2310
Savalia and Palaiochori (Elia) 26210
Strousi 26230
Thea-Kallithea 2610
Thessaloniki 2310
Tripoli 2710
Varda and Nea Manolada 26230
Vartholomio 26220
Voula 210
Vouliagmeni 210
Vounargo and Prasino 26220
Vrachneika and Flamboura 210
Volimes 26950
Volos 24210
Zacharo 26250
Zante 26950

Special non-geographic codes

Code Usage
118XX Directory Services
12, 13 Network Customer Services (3 or 4 digit numbers, accessible only through the specific carrier’s network)
14 Information Services (weather, news etc., 3 or 4 digit numbers)
15 National Public Services (public sector numbers, 3 or 4 digit numbers)
181, 182, 183 Short Codes for private companies (5 digits)
138XX Customer Servicer and Sales Department numbers for telcos (accessible from all networks)
5 Numbers starting with 5 are used for VPNs
692 HERMES Paging Service (obsolete)
693 TIM Hellas Mobile
694 Vodafone Hellas Mobile
697 CosmOTE Mobile
699 Q-Telecom Mobile
70 Universal Personal Number Service (not yet available)
800 “Freephone” National Toll Free Call
801 “ONEphone” National Shared Cost Call (low local call charges apply nationwide)
807XXXX Telephone Card Services
89 Data Services (Internet dialup, Hellaspac packet relay, ERMES email etc.)
901 Premium Rate Services
909 Premium Rate Services for adults only (not active)
3 Numbers starting with 3 are reserved for future use as geographic area codes.

All telephone numbers in Greece except numbers in the 1-short code series (3 to 5 digits) and the 807 series (7 digits) have 10 digits as specified by the Hellenic National Numbering Plan and should always be dialled the same irrespectively of where the call is originated, i.e. the Hellenic National Numbering Plan is a closed numbering plan.

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