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Prefecture: Ilia
Province: Province of Ilia
Location: 37.8/37°48' N lat.
21.35/21°21' E long.
Population: 32,090 (2001)
Communes: 20
Elevation: 5 to 7 m (centre), 40 m (east)
Postal code: 272 00
270 69 - eastern part
273 00 - Ilis area
Area/distance code: 11-30-26220-2, -3 (030-26220-2, -3)
Municipal code: 1702
Car designation: HA
3-letter abbreviation: AML
Address of administration: 6 Filikis Etairias St.
Amaliada 272 00
(in Greek and English)

Amaliada or Amaliada City (Greek: Modern: Αμαλιάδα, Older: Αμαλιάς, Amalias) is a city in the western Peloponnese, in Greece. It has 32,040 inhabitants (of which about 18,000 live in the city and the rest lives within its municipality). It is near the archealogical site of Ancient Elis, which was the city that held the ancient Olympic Games. It is situated on the valley of the Elis prefecture and almost directly south of the Pineios River, 80 km from Patras, 7 km form Savalia, 5 km from Kourouta, 20 km from Pyrgos 291 km from Athens and 5 km from the Ionian Sea. It is the second largest city in Elis prefecture and the westernmost city in the Peloponnese.

Amaliada was named after Queen Amalia in the 1830s. It was created by merging two older communities, one of them being Kallitsa.

It features city square with beautiful pine trees and a fountain. Local streets are mainly in grid order running north to south and east to west. A laike is situated in Amaliada's east side along with a public stadium. Amaliada has a hospital in its southeast and a monastery named Agia Frangavilli to its southeast. Amaliada has one train station (located west of the city square). There are two over all in the municipality.

A street in Amaliada's west side is named Hiroshima, dedicated in memory of victims of the Hiroshima bombing toward the end of WWII. Farther west are Amaliada's closest beaches of Kourouta and Palouki.

The radio station for this community is the Radio Station of Amalias (RSA).

There is a football team which plays in the local league: Asteras Amaliada FC.

Population history:

Year Communal population Change Municipal population Change
1981 15,248 -
1991 15,232 -16/-0.10% 26,588 -
2001 18,261? (downtown)/20,030 (commune) -214/-31.3% 32,090 5,502/17.14%



North: Gastouni, Andravida, Lechaina (NE)
West: Ionian Sea, Gastouni (NW)
Amaliada East: Pineia
South: Iardanos Southeast: Iardanos

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