Queen Amalia

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Queen Amalia was a Princess of Oldenburg, Germany and first Queen of Greece, December 21, 1818 - May 20, 1875.

Amalia married King Otto of Greece on November 22, 1836 in Oldenburg and arrived in Greece in 1837.

In the early years of the new monarchy, Queen Amalia, with her beauty and vivaciousness brought a spirit of smart fashion and progress to the impoverished country. She laboured actively towards social improvement and the creation of gardens in Athens, and at first won the hearts of the Greeks with her refreshing beauty. The city of Amaliada was named for the Queen.

She patronised the arts in Greece but was resented for holding on to her Protestant faith as King Otto held on to his Catholicism. A strong-willed woman, she often interfered in the affairs of state causing even more resentment among her subjects. Failing to produce an heir also contributed to her unpopularity. On September 6, 1861, a student named Aristides Drusios attempted to murder the queen, and was openly hailed as a hero.

Queen Amalia was finally driven into exile, along with her husband, in 1862. The couple settled in Germany where she died 13 years later.