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Prefecture: Attica
Metropolitan Area: Piraeus
Location: 37° 58′ 3″ N, 23° 37′ 12″ E

-8 km²
Population: (2001)
 - Total
 - Density¹
 - Rank


 about 10,012/km²

Saronic Gulf
40 m(centre)
around 300 to 400 m
Postal code: 187
Area/distance code: 11-30-210 (030-210)
-460 through 469
Municipal code: 4007
Car designation: Y (prev.)
Z pres.
3-letter abbreviation: KTI (Keratsini)
Address of administration: Eleftherios Venizelos and Mikra Asias St.
Keratsini 187 56

Keratsini (Greek, Modern: Κερατσίνι, Ancient/Katharevousa -on), older forms Keratsinio and Keratsinion is a suburb in the western part of Piraeus, Greece. Drapetsona Bay lies to the southwest. The city is linked by a road linking to Skaramangas along with GR-8A/E94 and Athinon Avenue and along with Lambrakis Streets and Petrou Ralli Avenue to the northeast and road to Perama to the northwest. There is an interchange which is only accessed by trucks which leads into the Piraeus harbor. It is also located S of Eleusis and GR-9, SW and W of Kifissou Avenue (GR-1/E75, about 14 km WSW of Athens, W of Poseidonos Avenue and Syngrou Avenue and about 4 km NW of downtown Piraeus.

The area was made up of farmlands. Mixed farming was common. Urban development replaced much of the farmlands between the 1930s and the 1950s. Today, most of the municipality are urbanized or residential. The rocky landscape of Aigaleo with a few bushes lie to the north. The mountaintop is to the northeast and the valley is to the northwest. The industrial lies to the southwest with most of the buildings as the port of Piraeus. The area which was used for mining in the 1960s transformed the area into a park.


Keratsini has schools, lyceums, gymnasia, banks, a police station, a post office, a tertiary division soccer team named Keratsini which is also called KERTS and squares (plateies) including one in the northwest.

Historical population

Year Municipal population Change Density
1981 74,179 - about 9,272.38/km²
1991 71,982 -2,197/-2..96% about 8,997.5/km²
2001 76,102 - about 10,012 /km²

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