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Events and trends

Recovery from World War II and the Greek Civil War started late in Greece, by most accounts after the mid-point of this decade. The economy of Greece improved markedly after 1957 with much trade taking place with the Arab world. However, many vestiges of the Civil War were still present:

  • the Communist Party of Greece was outside the law for the duration of the entire decade. * Executions of notable Communists as "subversives" took place.
  • Leftists claimed they were discriminated against at the work place.

In Cyprus, the decade was marked by renewed calls for Enosis with mother Greece. Early in the decade, the Church of Cyprus conducted a referendum on the issue with over 96% approving union with Greece. Archbishop Makarios II died, also early in the decade, and was succeeded by someone whose personality would dominate the island's politics for the rest of this decade as well as the 1960s and 1970s: Makarios III. By the middle of the decade, Cypriot Greeks would become disillusioned by the prospect of a solution coming from the British and, on April 1, 1955, the EOKA struggle broke out which would end in 1959 with the London-Zurich accords.

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