1933 Football Championship

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The 1932-1933 Football Championship was a Panhellenic championship organised under the auspices of the Hellenic Football Federation. It was won by Olympiakos Piraeus.


The 1933 championship was played in two phases: On the local level:

  • A round-robin tournament of five southern Greece teams was held which was won by Olympiakos. AEK finished second. Panathinaikos withdrew after their players were attacked and beaten up by Piraeus fans. They finished last as the remaining games of their schedule were awarded to their opponents.
  • A round-robin tournament of three Thessaloniki clubs was held which was won by Aris.

The national championship was then contested between Olympiakos, AEK and Aris.

The matches

Final Standings

Pos Team Points W-D-L Goals
1. Olympiakos 8 4-0-0 13-3
2. Aris 2 1-0-2 4-9
3. AEK 0 0-0-3 2-7