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The Averoff Gallery
The painting The blowing up of the Turkish flagship by Kanaris, 143x109 cm. featured at the Gallery

The Averoff Gallery, located in Metsovo, Epirus, has been in operation since 1988 and includes about 250 works by the most important 19th and 20th-century Greek artists, such as Nikolaos Gyzis, Konstantinos Volanakis, Georgios Iakovidis, Konstantinos Parthenis, Konstantinos Maleas, Konstantinos Vyzantios, Yiannis Moralis, Kostas Malamos, Paris Prekas, Panagiotis Tetsis and others.

Both the Gallery's collection and the modern three-storeyed building in which it is housed, were donated to the Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza Foundation by its creator and founder E. Averoff.

The Averoff Gallery's collection is considered by specialists to be one of those which cover this particular period most completely.

The Permanent Exhibition

The Averoff Gallery is a museum of modern Greek art. It consists of paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings by Greek artists of the 19th and 20th century. On permanent exhibition is a representative collection of 250 works by the greatest Greek artists of the last two centuries as: Gyzis, Tsokos, Doukas, Pantazis, Roilos, Tsingos, Economou, Xydias, Altamuras, Nikolaou, Geralis, Spyropoulos, Volanakis, Kogevinas, Hatzis, Rallis, Hatzikyriakos-Gikas, Flora-Karavia, Prosalendis, Maleas, Aravantinos, Lembesis, Iakovidis, Savvidis, Parthenis, Germenis, Vyzantios and others.

In the museum's five large exhibition rooms one can see the history of Greek art and its five main trends brought up to the present day through the work of contemporary artists, such as: Malamos, Moralis, Botsoglou, Prekas, Moustakas, Paniaras, Sorongas, Tetsis, Fasianos and others.

Exhibitions and Cultural Events

In addition to the museum's permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions are organised with works from other museums and private collections.

The themes of the exhibitions vary and may cover specific aspects or periods of Greek art, retrospective of group exhibitions on the work of artists and other themes of interest. The goal is to renew and enrich the museum's collections with material that is interesting and stimulating to the general public.

Information regarding the dates and content of temporary exhibitions, talks and other cultural events appears in the daily press or can be obtained by contacting the museum.

Children's Activities and Publications

Children visiting the Averoff Gallery can take part in various educational and creative activities. In the Children's Workshop, young visitors are free to experiment and create their own work of art. If they wish to take part in an organised group, they can learn more about materials and techniques, styles and movements in art, and meet with some of today�s artists.

Children's Workshop

If visiting the Gallery for the first time, children can become acquainted with the museum and its paintings through the pages of two specially planned activity books which also work as selfguided tours. (Let's explore the Averoff Gallery" for children aged 6-9, and "Getting to know some of the themes of Greek Painting" for children aged 9-13).

Other museum publications, games and creative activity books are available for use within the Gallery or can be obtained from the museum shop.