Eleni Menegaki

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Eleni Menegaki is a Greek actress and talk-show presenter.

Menegaki was born in Athens, on October 29, 1969, to a family that hailed from Heraklion, Crete.

Her credits on television as an actress include:

  • Ach, Eleni! (1992)
  • Our Father (1994-1996) on ANT1
  • A nanny for every task (1998)

As a presenter she has hosted:

  • Morning cocktail (1991-1992) on MEGA
  • Mega banca (1992-1994) on MEGA
  • Morning coffee (1995-2005) on ANT1
  • Coffee with Eleni (2005-2011) on ALPHA
  • Eleni (2011 - present) on ALPHA

Personal life

Menegaki was first married to Stavros Garderis in 1989. That marriage lasted one year. Afterwards, in 2001, she married Yiannis Latsios. The couple had three children before their divorce in 2010.