Joachim IV of Constantinople

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Joachim IV was Ecumenical Patriarch for two years (1884 - 1886).

Joachim IV was born Nikolaos Krousouloudis, on July 5, 1837, in the village of Kallimasia, Chios. He was the nephew of Patriarch Joachim II of Constantinople.

He studied for the priesthood at the Theological School of Chalki and, at age 23, was ordained a deacon, taking the name Joachim after his uncle. On November 26, 1870, he was elected Metropolitan of Larisa. In 1875, he was moved to the See of Derkes. In 1883, he contacted tuberculosis and spent the next few months in therapy in Italy, Austria and Bulgaria.

Ioachim IV was elected Patriarch of Constantinople on October 1, 1884. During his reign, the independence of the Church of Romania was recognised and relations were restored between the Patriarchate and the Church of Serbia.

On November 14, 1886, Joachim IV was forced to resign the throne of St Andrew due to his continuing illness. He retired to Kallimasia where he died on February 15, 1887.