Kakia Analyti

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Kakia Analyti was a Greek stage and screen actress.

Analyti was born on March 23, 1934 in Piraeus. She studied at the Drama School of the Conservatory of Athens, making her stage debut in 1955 with D. Pagoulatos' theatre group in "To fioro tou Levante" ("the flower of the East").

The following year, she married actor Kostas Rigopoulos. By 1963, the couple established their own theatrical group. Their greatest hit was "Agapi mou Oua-Oua" (My love, Oua-Oua) which ran from 1967 until 1972.

In the cinema, Analyti starred in several films including:

  • Ο Γιάννος κι η Παγώνα (1959)
  • Να πεθερός, να μάλαμα! (1959)
  • Ματωμένο ηλιοβασίλεμα (1959)
  • Ένα νερό κυρά Βαγγελιώ (1959)
  • Το χαμίνι (1960)
  • Η Σταχτομπούτα (1960)
  • Ματωμένα στέφανα (1961)
  • Η βίλλα των οργίων (1964)
  • Και οι 14 ήταν υπέροχοι (1965)
  • Αγάπη μου Ουα-Ουα (1974)

She died on June 1, 2002 in Palaio Faliro.