March 21

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  • 630: Second Elevation of the Holy Cross, when Emperor Heraclius entered Jerusalem amidst great rejoicing, and together with Patriarch Zacharios (609-633), transferred the Cross of Christ with great solemnity into the temple of the Resurrection.
  • 1935: A fire destroys the city centre of Edessa.
  • 1956: EOKA attempt to assassinate Cyprus military governor, Sir John Harding. The attempt fails as the time bomb, under the governor's bed, fails to go off.
  • 1997: Miltiades Ewert resigns as head of the New Democracy Party.


  • 2009: Panathinaikos defeat Italy‚Äôs Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo 3-2 sets and qualify for the final of the CEV Cup.