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Mimis Traiforos was a Greek author, song writer, poet and director.

Traiforos was born on May 18, 1912 in the Vavoula section of Piraeus. He attended the Royal Theatre's Drama School and made his debut in the theatre in 1934. In 1940 when Greece entered the Second World War, he worked with singer Sophia Vembo to aid the war effort and raise morale. His song "Children of Greece" ("Παιδιά της Ελλάδας παιδιά"), became a legend of that era.

After the occupation of Athens by the Germans in April of 1941, Traiforos and Vembo fled to Egypt where they worked together to write and act plays to raise the Egyptian-based Greek troops' morale.

Following the war, the couple returned to Athens and were finally married in 1953. In 1996, Athens mayor Dimitris Avramopoulos presented Traiforos with the keys to the city to honour him for his lifetime contributions.

Traiforos died on March 28, 1998 after a long illness.

Hit Songs

  • Αθήνα και πάλι Αθήνα - Athens and again Athens
  • Η ταμπακέρα - The Tobacco Tin
  • Λόντρα, Παρίσι, Νιου Γιορκ - London, Paris, New York
  • Παιδιά της Ελλάδας παιδιά - Children of Greece
  • Στη Λάρισα βγαίνει ο Αυγερινός - It's dawning in Larisa
  • Το τραγούδι του Μωριά - The Song of Morea
  • Ύμνος του ΠΑΟΚ - The Hymn of PAOK
  • Χαράμι - Too bad