November 5

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  • 1815: The Treaty of Paris makes the Ionian Islands a British protectorate.
  • 1821: First lord high commissioner of the Ionian Islands, Sir Thomas Maitland, expels all Greek refugees to prevent residents of the islands from giving assistance to the Greek War of Independence.
  • 1901: Students ransack the offices of Athens daily "Acropolis" in protest over the newspaper's publication of the Bible translated into modern Greek. The events surrounding the Bible's translation in 1901 would go down in history as "Ta Evangelika".
  • 1914 (NS): The British annex Cyprus.
  • 1959: The last German war criminal being held in Greece is released from prison and deported to W. Germany.
  • 1996: The Greek warship "Kostakos" is hit by another vessel and sinks. Four sailors drown.
  • 2007: A convoy of 14 Greek Police jeeps is fired upon with automatic weapons, as it attempts to enter the village of Zoniana, Crete. The investigation that follows reveals that Zoniana was a community practically outside the control of the Greek state, rife with crime, hashish cultivation, arms smuggling and money laundering.