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Panelefsiniakos FC is the club of Elefsina, Attica prefecture, not far from Athens and Piraeus. Among other players, Panelefsiniakos have produced international star Yiannis Kalitzakis who played with Panathinaikos and later with AEK.

The club was founded in 1931 from the merger of the Football Union of Elefsina and Keleos Elefsina. Its first president was Georgios Pavlou who served as Mayor of Elefsina.

  • Stadium: Elefsina Stadium (capacity 5,500)
  • Colours: Blue and white

Before the establishment of a national championship, Panelefsiniakos played in the local Piraeus leagues. Panelefsiniakos have played in the Greek Football A Division the following years:

  • 1962 - Finished 15th of 16 teams and were relegated.
  • 1968 - Finished 15th of 18 teams and were relegated after losing a playoff series to OFI.
  • 1999 - Finished 16th of 18 teams and were relegated.