Pavlos Bakoyiannis

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Pavlos Bakoyiannis was a Greek politician and magazine publisher.

Bakoyiannis was born in 1935 in the small village of Velota, Evritania prefecture, Central Greece, the son of the village priest papa-Kostas Bakoyiannis. He studied in Athens and Munich and worked for Deutsche Welle as a newscaster of their Greek language radio program.

Bakoyiannis returned to Athens in 1974 accepting a position in the Greek Radio and Television station ERT. That same year, he married Dora Mitsotaki, the daughter of politician Konstantinos Mitsotakis. In 1982 he became the publisher of magazine "ENA". In June 1989, Bakoyiannis entered politics as an MP from Evritania. He was part of a committee investigating the possible involvement of PM Andreas Papandreou in the Koskotas scandal when, on September 26, 1989, he was gunned down in front of the lift of his office building in Athens by members of the Revolutionary Organization 17 November.

Bakoyiannis was survived by his wife, Dora Bakoyianni - who later became Mayor of Athens and Foreign Minister of Greece - and their two children Alexia and Kostas.