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April 30

  • 1925: Olympiakos took the field for the first time ever in a friendly match against the crew of the French warship "Jeanne d'Arc". The Piraeus club triumphed 5-0.
  • 1942: The Greek government announced that bread would be distributed three times a week. Each person possessing the appropriate coupon would be entitled to 80 drams (250 grams) of bread each time.
  • 1949: Two new prefectures were formed by law: Corinthia and Pieria.
  • 1954: A major earthquake (7.0 on the Richter scale) rocked Thessaly leaving 25 dead and 117 injured.
  • Births: Nikos Gatsos, poet/writer (1915), Demetra Liani (1955).
  • Deaths: Georgios Plytas, politician, Mayor of Athens (1997)

Recent days: April 29 - April 28