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Savvas Papazoglou was a Greek football midfielder/forward of the 1950s and 1960s.

Papazoglou was born in 1934. He started his career with Aegaleo in 1949 and transferred in 1953 to Apollon Athens. As Aegaleo did not consent to the move, Papazoglou had to sit out his first season at Rizoupolis. He moved to AEK for a single season in 1954 before returning to Apollon Athens the following year. For the next five years Savvas Papazoglou was a mainstay in Apollon's midfield or attacking line as needed.

He moved on to Panaigialios for the 1961 season and then on to Olympiakos in 1962. At the end of that year Papazoglou returned once again to Apollon Athens for one season and on to Olympiakos Chalkida where he closed out his career after the 1966 season.

During his career, Savvas Papazoglou was capped 5 times by the National Football Team of Greece.

After his playing days were over, Papazoglou coached, among others, Chania FC, Kalamata FC, Atromitos Athens, Ionikos, Proodeftiki, Panelefsiniakos, Ilisiakos and Vyzas Megara.

Did you know?

Savvas Papazoglou holds the record for most goals scored in a Greek Cup game: On September 23,1959, he found the target ten times in Apollon's matchup against club PAO Nea Melandia. The final score, incidentally, was 23-0.