Stephanos Skouloudis

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Stephanos Skouloudis

Stephanos Skouloudis was a Greek politician of the late 19th - early 20th Century who briefly served as Prime Minister of Greece.

Skouloudis was born in Constantinople, in 1838. He studied medicine at the University of Athens and worked as a business director and a banker in his native city. In 1876, he left Constantinople for Athens where he continued working as a banker until he entered politics in 1881. He was elected to the Hellenic Parliament, served as Ambassador to Spain, Foreign Minister and Minister of the Merchant Marine. He became Prime Minister of Greece following the resignation of Alexandros Zaimis in 1915 but quit the following year.

During his term in office:

  • French forces occupied Kerkyra and evacuated the remnants of the Serbian army there (January 11, 1916). Skouloudis protested the occupation as a violation of Greek neutrality.
  • Bulgarian forces assaulted Fort Roupel (May 26, 1916). Skouloudis ordered the fort surrendered on the following day.

Skouloudis died in 1928. Besides his banking and political activities, he was an art collector and accumulated, by the time of his death, a noteworthy collection which he donated in his will to the National Gallery of Athens.

Preceded by:
Alexandros Zaimis
Prime Minister of Greece
November 7, 1915 - June 22, 1916
Succeeded by:
Alexandros Zaimis